Opening Doors to Great Futures

You can find out more about the National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs by clicking on About Us. Our Manifesto below reflects what we believe is important for those working in youth clubs across the UK. To join please download and return the membership form.


Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.

We believe that every young person has the right to have a space to meet friends, find role models and mentors. To experience new things, grow confidence and resilience. Encouraging young people to grow mature and lead happy and successful lives making a positive contribution to society

We believe these spaces or groups are best provided by volunteers from their own communities through volunteer led clubs and volunteer organised local activities.

We believe that 65% of young people throughout the UK already benefit from the array of activities led by brilliant community volunteers

We believe that through all the various groups we work with, and the programmes we run over three-hundred thousand young people are benefitting by participating in activities led by around fifteen-thousand volunteers.

We believe that these community volunteers are extraordinary and inspirational in their investment of time, enthusiasms, dedication and passion.

We believe there is a need for equal investment in time, commitment, and enthusiasm from the statutory partners in supporting these outstanding volunteers and that statutory will commit to doing so.

We support low cost or free safe and accessible spaces for these activities to take place.

We believe in resourcing and equipping volunteers to carry out their work and to be able to recruit and retain other local volunteers to grow these groups.

We believe in enabling and empowering our volunteers rather than hampering them.

We believe in recognising, celebrating, encouraging and valuing by rewarding these voluntary efforts Nationally and locally.