Who We Are

Our mission statement is to assist and support county organisations and local clubs to provide safe and exciting places for young people, where they can participate in a range of activities and develop their potential through a range of experiences.

We believe by supporting member clubs and county organisations, together we will be able to provide young people with:

  • An attractive, affordable and planned programme of activities and events;
  • a safe place to learn and grow and
  • on-going voluntary relationships with local clubs and county organisations.

Our uniqueness:

  • We encourage both single and mixed gender work believing there is value in both;
  • we  promote and encourage club/building based youth work;
  • we also promote and encourage activities as a tool for positive youth work;
  • there is commonality or uniformity in our work. We promote a common ethos, common set of values and common club based programmes across the country and into local Boys & Girls Clubs;
  • we respond to and support local need;
  • we value and seek to learn from our common history and heritage in the Boys & Girls Clubs movement and
  • we are a membership organisation.

National Youth Work Charity – 100,000 young people, 8,000 volunteers, 1,000 youth clubs in the most deprived communities.