100 Mile Canoe Test

The 100 Mile Canoe Test is a personal challenge, not a race. Participants call on their skill, determination and stamina to achieve the 100mile target over four days of paddling. The achievement brings a sense of personal fulfillment that will remain with the individual for life. The event is an extended opportunity to undertake quality youth work with a group of young people who will be pushing themselves to achieve. It is not easy and requires effort which in turn leads to the reward of completion and satisfaction.

2016’s 100 Mile Canoe Test will be on the River Trent.
The camp site will be Hollygates on the edge of Cotegrave just off the A46. The paddling provisionally will be from Little Haywood to Carlton Holme (140km).
Evening of Friday 27th May until lunchtime on Tuesday 31st May.

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